Restorative dentistry

Restorative dentistry is that part of dentistry that is in charge of preserving those dental pieces that are destroyed, fractured or affected by dental caries, in order to maintain them, recover functions, anatomical integrity of lost dental hard tissues and aesthetics.

Types of restaurations

  • Fillings

    Made with resins or composites, materials that restore the natural appearance of the tooth.

  • Inlays

    Small rigid pieces of either porcelain, lithium disilicate or composite resin that are made in dental prosthetic laboratories and cemented to the remaining dental tissues through an adhesion process. They are indicated in large dental destruction or root canal parts.

  • Aesthetic veneers

    Very thin sheets or lithium disilicate or composite resin that adhere to the front surface of the teeth to restore their anatomical or aesthetic defects.

  • Crowns

    Complete cover of the dental surface, being necessary to refine or polish the teeth more than in an aesthetic veneer treatment. They can be metal-porcelain, lithium disilicate or zirconium among other materials.

  • Fiberglass posts

    Reinforce the weakened tooth giving retention and support to the reconstructed part of the tooth.

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